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Dennis R. Heitkamp - A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle Award

Dennis R. Heitkamp was the Executive Director of Lakes & Prairies (Clay Wilkin Opportunity Council) for 31 years. He was instrumental in promoting and supporting self-sufficiency efforts throughout the area. This award can be given to a Lakes & Prairies Staff member, Lakes & Prairies Board Member, Program Recipient or Community Partner. The criteria for this award are:
1. A long term commitment to support families as they work toward self-sufficiency, and
2. A commitment to partnerships and collaborative actions that create new opportunities for success.

Dennis Heitkamp Award Recipients

2014 - Jon Evert
2015 - Joe Pederson
2016 - Lynne Kovash
2017 - Andrea Koczur
2018 - Dale Rollie
2019 - Loren Ingebretsen

Volunteer Extraordinaire Award

“The activity of volunteering is not an end in itself; rather, it is an activity that has some positive outcome for the community. The traditional view of volunteering assumes volunteering is motivated by pure altruism. The more contemporary view is that people engage in volunteer work to achieve a positive result for both the community and themselves.”

Volunteer Extraordinaire Award Recipients

2014 - Diana Rasmussen
2015 - Don & Helen Gunderson 
2016 - Linda Sande
2017 - Emily Hagen
2018 - Tammy Bjerkness
2019 - Tracy Obowa

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